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GMD Ph. Bach

The Meiningen Court Orchestra

at the Meiningen State Theater has been a partner of the International Hans von Bülow Piano Competition since 2012. From the finale, the professionals, and conductors of the competition play with the orchestra, which was conducted by Hans von Bülow from 1880 to 1885. As a conductor, Bülow developed the Meininger Hofkapelle into an elite orchestra. From Meiningen he undertook over 200 guest performances throughout Europe with the court orchestra.

The Meiningen Court Orchestra with GMD Philippe Bach (photo by Christina Iberl)

Since the ceremony marking the 175th anniversary of the State Theater Meiningen in 2006, the orchestra has once again been called the "Meininger Hofkapelle". The name is intended to commemorate the great tradition of the Meiningen Orchestra at the end of the 19th century, to which we still feel connected and committed today. Philippe Bach has been General Music Director from 2010 until 2022. From the 2023/24 season he will be replaced by Killian Farrell.

Have you become curious? You can find more information about our project partner, the Meiningen State Theater, here (image film on YouTube) and here (state theater website).

The participants of the professional competition will play with the Meininger Hofkapelle from the final. In the "conducting from the piano" category, the competition participants work with the orchestra from the second round onwards. In this category, both the orchestra's conductor and the court orchestra itself have a vote on the jury.

Finale Furioso: The prizewinners can be seen in concert in the Main House of the Meiningen State Theater on May 18, 2023. >> buy Online-Tickets (Ticket shop State Theater Meiningen)