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Registration for the competition

International Hans von Bülow Competition 2023, Meiningen, Germany

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How to enter

How to enter


Registration for the Preliminary Video Round in all categories is closed now. Please confirm you include the following:

  • A link to the video of your program, which must include the required repertoire (details can be found in each competition category).
  • Details of the program chosen for each round of the competition (Preliminary Video Round, First Round, Second Round (Professionals and Conducting from the Piano only), Final Round. Please include the full title and composer for each piece on the entry form. Please note: changes to your competition programs cannot be made after the registration deadline has passed.
  • Your personal information, including the name of your current teacher, must be included on the entry form.
  • A recent high-resolution (at least 300 dpi) color photograph, in jpeg format.
  • Confirmation that the registration fee has been paid into the competition account (please see details in each competition category)
  • account details Bülow Competition: bank: Rhön-Rennsteig-Sparkasse | account owner: Zweckverband Kultur des Landkreises Schmalkalden-Meiningen | IBAN: DE96 8405 0000 1505 0006 33 | BIC: HELADEF1RRS | Please be sure to specify: "Bülow competition", your name & category


The deadline for registrations was 31st December 2022 (professional category and conducting from the piano) and February 6, 2023 (junior category).

Terms and conditions

1. The International Hans von Bülow Competition is open to pianists of any gender or nationality and consists of a preliminary round of video submissions and several live rounds held in Meiningen.
2. Registration to take part in the competition is possible from September 2022 using the online form on our website. The form may be filled in in German or English. The deadline for registrations is 31st December 2022. By submitting a complete and valid application, competitors agree to the terms and conditions set out in the competition brochure.
3. After registrations have been checked and the jury for the preliminary round has adjudicated the video submissions, successful entrants will be notified of their selection for the First Round in Meiningen by 31st January 2023. Unsuccessful entrants cannot contest the decision of the jury. The registration fee will not be refunded.
4. The order in which competitors perform will be selected by random draw.
5. The program order of pieces played in each competition round may be chosen by the competitor. Changes to the competition programs cannot be made after the registration deadline.
6. The jury favors competitors playing from memory. Use of the orchestral score in the Conducting from the Piano Category is permitted.
7. The jury’s decisions are final and cannot be contested. The jury reserves the right to interrupt or terminate a competitor’s performance. Any prize may be withheld and marked as “not awarded” at the discretion of the jury. There is no legal recourse in these circumstances.
8. The competition rounds and Prize Winners’ Concerts are open to the public. Prize Winners must perform in any of the Winners’ Concerts for which they are selected by the jury. The presentation of some special prizes may depend on participation in or presence at the relevant occasion.
9. Travel, visa, accommodation and other costs incurred by participating in the competition are to be borne by the entrant.
10. Accommodation can be booked directly through the Meiningen Tourist Information.
11. Any successful entrant who requires a travel visa will be sent an official invitation by the competition organizers. Please contact us to request this immediately after receiving notification of your successful application.
12. By submitting a complete application, entrants agree that no claims can be made relating to the photographs, recordings and documents included. All rights to photography, film and sound recordings, including their reproduction and publication within the context of the competition, are granted to the Max Reger Conservatorium Meiningen.
13. If external circumstances, e.g., a pandemic like Covid-19, prevent the competition taking place as planned, the organizers reserve the right to cancel or reschedule, change the format, or impose special measures under which the competition is held. By submitting a complete application, entrants agree to abide by such decisions. Notification of such changes will be published on www.buelow-wettbewerb-meiningen.de.
14. The organizers process personal information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation EU (GDPR). The processing of personal information is required in order to plan and execute the competition, to offer participants further opportunities to advance their musical careers, and for the documentation and evaluation of the competition. Personal data will not be passed on to third parties.
15. Language discrepancy: the regulations and requirements for the International Hans von Bülow Competition are published in two languages, German and English. In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistency, solely the German text is legally binding.