Conducting from the piano


The Competition "Conducting from the Piano"invites professional piano-conductors / conducting pianists and those currently enrolled at a conservatory or university of music up to age 32 (born before June 29, 1983) to compete.

A total of three public rounds will be held in Meiningen between June 30 and July 4, 2015. The winners will perform the piano concerto from the semi-final round onward with the Meiningen Court Orchestra while conducting from the piano. All rounds will be evaluated by the jury. From the semi-final round onward, the orchestra will also have a jury vote. The winners will perform in a final concert on July 4, 2015 with the Meiningen Court Orchestra.

Here is the entire illustrated cataloge as pdf-file. Editorial Deadline May 17, 2015


Preliminary round: 20 minutes, solo piano repertory of choice 

Semi-final round: 20 minutes, piano concerto conducted from the piano 

Final round: 30 minutes, piano concerto conducted from the piano  

Registration fee:

There will be a registration fee of € 200 and a one-time processing fee of € 30.  In case of cancellation by the participant before June 1, 2015, the registration fee will be refunded. The processing fee is non-refundable.

Registration deadline: March 2, 2015