Awardees' Concert 27.06.2015

Foto: Michael Reichel

27/06 2015, 7:30 pm, Meiningen, Schlosskirche at Elisabethenburg Palace

Allegretti con brio

Concert of the children's  and Youths' competition award winners

In the first category of this year's Hans-von-Bülow-Competition young talents from all over the world presented their skills with dedication. So right at the beginning of the award winners' concerts you will hear music which might be less perfect but presented with temperament and immediate enthusiasm. This lifely start hopefully will create desire for the following concerts.

During the concert the audience will be allowed to put out an additional award, which will be handed over in the reception afterwards.

Tickets for the concerts are 7 Euros / 9 Euros (online here) or at the known places in town or 8 Euros / 10 Euros at the evening box office.

Permanent tickets for all three concerts are 17 Euros / 22 Euros (online here) or 20 Euros / 22 Euros in town or at the evening box office.