Awardees' Concert 04.07.2015

Foto: Michael Reichel

04/07 2015, 7:30 pm, Meiningen, Theater

Finale Furioso

Professional Competition Awardees Concert (piano concertos) and Awardees Concert of the category Conducting from the Piano with announcement of awardees, awards ceremony and reception.  

There will be an Audience Choice Award.

The Meiningen Court Orchestra – the ensemble that was once conducted by Hans von Bülow – is once again a key partner of the International Hans von Bülow Piano Competition.

On July 4, 2015, the winners of the categories amateur competition, professional competition and conducting from the piano will receive their awards, marking the conclusion of eventful days. Pianists from all over the world will have come together in Meiningen to be evaluated by a jury of renowned virtuosos and piano pedagogues. The competition will have welcomed skilled amateur as well as professional pianists, indulged the musicians’ and audience’s passion for the piano as a solo instrument and celebrated conducting from the piano, a music practice that has become somewhat rare today. The inspiring and leading figure behind this meeting of keyboard artists from all over the world is Hans von Bülow, who was himself a celebrated and well-travelled concert pianist during his time. As Court Music Director, he led the Meiningen Court Orchestra to world fame. As a pianist and pedagogue, he enjoyed working with both professional and amateur musicians. His work was influenced by his love for the music of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Schumann, Chopin and Franz Liszt – Bülow was a master student of the latter.

The concert program of July 4, 2015 will reflect this broad repertory. However, which pianists will ultimately make their way from the pre-selection process and the preliminary, semi- and final rounds to the concert stage will only be decided a few hours before the concert.

Tickets for this concert in theater between 13,50 Euros and 23 Euro are at the known places in town or at the evening box office.