Awardees' Concert 03.07.2015

Foto: Michael Reichel

03/07 2015, 7:30 pm, Meiningen, Schlosskirche at Elisabethenburg Palace

Bravo, Bravissimo!

Award winners' concert of the Professionals as soloists

In this competition readily trained and future professional pianists on highest levels have competed in three several disciplines: classical sonatas, Chopin Etudes as well as other romatic and impressionistic works. In the pieces that could additionally be chosen special attention was paid - according to the name of the competition - to those classical composers which had been interpreted by Bülow as well as composers which were connected to Meiningen, amongst them Bülow himself.

In the category "Conducting from the piano" two big influences of Bülow were combined: his interpretation as pianist and as a conductor. After the first round which was devoted to pure piano solos the contestants had the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities with the orchestre: While they interpreted at the piano they were conducting piano concerts by Mozart or Beethoven.

At the concert of the Award winners professionals you will just listen to piano solos.

During the concert the audience will again be allowed to put out an additional award, which will be handed over in the reception afterwards.

Tickets for the concerts are 7 Euros / 9 Euros (online here) or at the known places in town or 8 Euros / 10 Euros at the evening box office.

Permanent tickets for all three concerts are 17 Euros / 22 Euros (online here) or 20 Euros / 22 Euros in town or at the evening box office on 27 June.