Awardees' Concert 01.07.2015

Foto: Michael Reichel

01/07 2015, 8:00 pm, Meiningen, Schlosskirche at Elisabethenburg Palace

Brillanti dilettanti

Award winners' concert of the amateurs' competition

In this event you will appreciate an amateurish approach to music which will be presented by pianists who do not play the piano professionally. Brillianty dilettanti - here dominates the playful and informal style. This kind of music will not be less attractive for the audience, that once more will have the opportunity to listen to music lovers, who are going to play out of pure passion and on highest level pieces of their classical repertoire.

During the concert the audience will again be allowed to put out an additional award, which will be handed over in the reception afterwards.

Tickets for the concerts are 7 Euros / 9 Euros (online here) or at the known places in town or 8 Euros / 10 Euros at the evening box office.

Permanent tickets for all three concerts are 17 Euros / 22 Euros (online here) or 20 Euros / 22 Euros in town or at the evening box office on 27 June.