Honorary Members

The International Hans-von-Bülow Society is honored to count Daniel Barenboim and John Pierce among its honorary members.

Daniel Barenboim is one of the most outstanding pianists and conductors of our time. Barenboim's creativity is admirably many-sided. He is active as a soloist and concert pianist (often conducting concertos from the piano), as well as being a chamber musician, accompanist of renowned singers, conductor of operas and concerts, author and mentor of gifted young artists. All these characteristics predetermined him as a worthy successor of Hans von Bülow, especially regarding international reputation, efforts in mediation (Palestine conflict) and uncompromising commitment to epochal music against all resentment (performance of the music of Richard Wagner in Israel), which are comparable to Bülow's efforts, such as the support of Czech composers despite all reservations and hostility. The unanimous decision of the members of the International Hans-von-Bülow Society to appoint Barenboim as an honorary member was, in the musician's own words, "a great honor". He requested a loan of all Beethoven piano sonatas that had been edited and commented by Bülow from the society for his personal studies. Some suggestions regarding interpretations no doubt found their way into Barenboim's cyclic performances and into his recordings.

John Pierce became internationally known first and foremost as an excellent singer of Wagner. The American sang in Germany for several years, including a position at the Cottbus State Theater, before being offered a professorship and returning to the USA. However, as teaching and concert-giving in both America and Europe could not be coordinated to his satisfaction, he gave up his academic post, concentrating instead on his singing career that currently spans both continents. For many years he has been propagating vocal works by Hans von Bülow, including an enchanting sonnet with lyrics by Dante. He has performed in Meiningen as well.